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About Us

Meet Tracie Founder and CEO

Tracie K Wynn Founder and CEO of Women of Insurance

Tracie is a wife to an amazing husband, mother of 5 beautiful children, bonus mom to the sweetest son and godmother to many. She is the owner of 3 businesses and an avid delegator of all things that can be delegated. Her desire is to see an increase of women in leadership roles but more specifically mothers. Tracie is especially passionate about helping single mothers succeed due to her own experience with being a single mother of 5 small children following a divorce that led her to have to start completely over from nothing. Although, it was an unfortunate situation it was what gave her the push she needed to go to work for herself and ultimately what provided her with the financial resources she needed to care for 5 children on her own.

Tracie has been in sales for more than 20 years and in insurance for 10 years. She focuses mostly on Life Insurance. She has a team of approximately 250 agents across 43 states and also provides training to agents throughout the country that are not part of her team.


Tracie created Women of Insurance a little over 2 years ago to have a dedicated space for sharing her knowledge and experience with other women in this industry as an attempt to prevent them from making some of the same mistakes she made in the beginning of her insurance career. Little did she know Women of Insurance would quickly become the largest Facebook Community for women in the insurance industry.


She currently has more than 10K members across all Women of Insurance groups with new members being added daily. While Women of Insurance is her main group and includes all lines of insurance she also created and manages Women of Insurance Telesales, Women of Insurance Health & Medicare and Women of Insurance Property and Casualty. She created these smaller groups at the request of her members in an effort to provide additional opportunity for more in depth training and discussion among members outside of regularly scheduled training events. Her smaller groups have also helped those that have a tendency to get overwhelmed in large groups have a space they are comfortable in to interact and collaborate more easily among their peers.

As of now, Tracie has an administrative team of more than 20 women that assist with day to day tasks, moderation, engagement and scheduling of both local and virtual events. In addition to her administration team she also has a team of 30 trainers all of which work together collectively to ensure someone is always available to assist members. One of the main goals across all groups for Tracie and her team is to keep the training scheduled packed with informative new agent training and engaging advanced level training.


The insurance industry is a complex industry and many with 20, 30, 40+ years in business as an Agent, Broker or Agency Owner will continue to experience and learn something new everyday. 

Women of Insurance


Our vision is to create a stable platform that allows for women in all lines of insurance to promote and support each other on a national level. 


Our mission is to empower women in the insurance industry by providing them with knowledge and a platform that is conducive to their growth. 



Women Of Insurance Empowering Other Women Of Insurance 


by understanding the balance of strength, femininity, knowledge and perseverance that we as women must have to successfully maneuver through an industry that is dominated by men. 


the obstacles that have prevented women from progression within the industry in the past. Our organization creates a space for women to overcome objections and obstacles collaboratively. It is no secret that you go further with a team and you build stronger as a unit. 


one another in a space that is built on genuineness. There is nothing more uplifting than a woman that can identify when another woman is down and provide her with not only knowledge but also confidence and a plan on how to move forward. 

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