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November 2022

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Business Resources

In need of a new website, social media marketing or general branding services? How about lead options that include how to generate your own? Could you use a little motivation or a bit more direction on how to scale your business and consistently hit your income goals? Check this section each month for products, tools and services related to all of the above plus so much more!



What are you waiting for?

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By joining the Unlimited Insurance Leads Accelerator 5-Day Challenge you get access to my exclusive strategies in detail, completely LIVE along with lifetime access to replays if you choose VIP!

It's the time to transform your dreams!

The time to move out of the point you're stuck in, to move the needle in your business!

You get access to the famous Unlimited Insurance Leads Accelerator 5-Day Challenge on 14th Nov - JUST for $47




Are you ready for a change? Still looking for the right opportunity? Just joining the industry and trying to find where you best fit in? Check this section each month for new opportunities related to all lines of insurance, all positions within the insurance industry and varying pay options such as hourly, salary and commission only.

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Faith Insurance Solutions is an independent health and life insurance brokerage that offers group, individual, Medicare and life insurance. Our agents receive weekly training, technology, marketing reimbursement, bonuses and best of all a culture you will call home. Looking for independent agents now. 



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Virtual Mall

Are you searching for that perfect gift for a special someone? Ready to book a vacation? Need to get your shopping fix in or maybe you are simply wanting to support another business woman? Check this section each month for new listings as well as current promos exclusively for Women of Insurance members. 

Blue Water


We often spend so much time taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves. Check this section each month to locate products and services related to mental health, physical health and emotional health. Prioritize taking care of you first so you can continue taking care of everyone else. 

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