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All Women of Insurance Trainers specialize in different lines of insurance and all have obtained extensive knowledge pertaining to their focus which allows for a vast array of training events to be scheduled on a weekly basis that are both informative and beneficial to new agents as well as veteran agents with years of experience.

Our Training Schedule is shown below. To participate, you must be a member of our Women of Insurance group on Facebook and you must register in advance to receive a link to attend.

grow with US


If you are looking for training on Health or Medicare you will find all things related to Health and Medicare scheduled on Monday of each week. 

Young Businesswomen


Tuesdays are reserved for trainings focused on Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Organization, Time Management, Systems and Processes to Maximize Productivity and Business Formation.

Virtual Team Meeting


P&C for both Personal and Commercial is always on Wednesday. If learning how to open your own P&C Agency is a goal you will definitely want to keep a check on our upcoming training events.


Join us Thursdays to discuss Retirement Strategies and learn how and when to use certain products to set your clients up for long term financial success. 

Women Colleagues


Friday our focus is on Life Insurance. Are you struggling to close, short on leads, not great at door knocking or overcoming objections is a constant challenge? Join us to learn how to turn these things into a thing of the past. 

On a Video Call

We are currently accepting new members. To join our Facebook community click here

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